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Break away from your habitual way of living.


In this 120-day New Lead the Field Coaching Program, Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher will assist you in expanding your level of awareness by sharing the ancient truths and laws that Earl Nightingale so brilliantly buried in the original, award-winning personal development series of recordings, Lead the Field.  Your success is going to accelerate as you expose yourself to these 12 mind-expanding, life-enhancing segments.


3 key elements that make the New Lead the Field Coaching Program one of the most influential programs on the planet:

  • It explains the laws of the universe in a concise, personal and down-to-earth way, including the spiritual aspects of successful living.

  • It contains a detailed action planner and 24 videos

  • It incorporates the power of repetition to make it easier and faster to burn this information into your mind


There are a total of 12 Lessons covered in this dynamic 120-day coaching program. That includes 12 audios, 24 videos and a complete action planner. Every ten days, you’ll receive a printed lesson from your action planner, the lesson itself in audio accompanied with a video, and then 5 days later, another video to take you even deeper on that lesson so you get the absolute most from it.

Lead the Field

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